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Ice Cacao Ceremony & Sound Journey with Irina & Melissa, Munich

sound healing-icecacao ceremony.jpg

Let’s come together & celebrate life with a Sound Journey OUTSIDE IN NATURE with a SPECIAL CACAO CEREMONY 🙌😍

Cacao is considered as plant medicine in the Andes since ancient times. It is known & worshipped for its heart openening properties. We partnered up with Germany's best known, Munich based, vegan Ice Cream manufacturer IceDate. We hold a shamanic Cacao Ceremony with IceDate - vegane Bio-Eismanufaktur pure Cacao IceCream & let its heart opening energy integrate into us during a Sound Journey. The IceCream is vegan, organic, pure & the healthiest it can get.

Let's open the heart, because we all need more love in our life. Especially more love for ourselves, because once we have created the unconditional love for ourselves, we are able to love those around us unconditionally too. We talk about what it means to love unconditionally & how we can cultivate it in our life.