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Alchemy Sound Journey // Vatertag

  • Jaya Yoga 28 Westermühlstraße München, BY, 80469 Deutschland (Karte)

Sound Journey mit Melissa Kiss & Irina Sterna

To all fathers, daughters, sons & mothers! Let's celebrate Father's Day in the most relaxing & nourishing way possible!

What is a Sound Journey:
Imagine it like a deep meditation, while all you do is lay down, close your eyes & listen to the soothing sounds of singing bowls, rattles, drums & amongst other instruments used.
Through the specific frequencies & tones of the instruments, you reach a deep meditative state within in minutes. Your parasympathetic nervous system gets activated & the brain hemispheres become balanced, which causes a deep relaxation of the body & mind, which is normally only achieved during certain phases during the night when we sleep.
Most people say they don’t remember the last time their body have felt that relaxed and their mind that still.
Are you ready for a journey in the depths of relaxation?
Are you ready to let go of all tension your subconsciousness, your mind, your body are holding?
Are you ready to feel relaxed, calm & energized?
Are you ready to meet your true authentic self?

We can’t wait to have you with us on this Sound Journey!

Benefits of a Sound Journey:
Release of physical, mental or emtional tensions & blocks
Improved clarity, quiet the mind
Lowered signs of stress, anxiety or depression
Harmonzied nervous system
Activated & realigned cell system
Feeling at peace, calm, grounded
Enhanced creativity
Heightened awareness & connection to your intuition
Deeply relaxed physical, mental & emotional body

Energy Exchange: 22 EUR

Westermühlstrasse 28, RGB, 80469 München

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. The class is held in German and/or English, depending on our guests. We welcome you all!