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Yoga Flow & Sound Bath // Hofgarten München

  • Kriegerdenkmal im Hofgarten 6A Galeriestraße München, BY, 80539 Deutschland (Karte)

Flow with us into the weekend. Join us for a vinyasa flow and a relaxing sound healing.
It is always a great idea to close your week with a good treatment for yourself....

⋆ we’ll be outside in the grass
⋆ bring your own yoga mat, blanket or towel or anything to lay on (or ground yourself in nature & just lay down on the grass)
⋆ bring anything else you want to bring to be comfortable (nothing is really necessary though)
⋆ bring a water bottle - staying hydrated is key before & after every Sound Journey and Yoga
⋆ There are no bath rooms, keep that in mind before arriving
⋆ BRING YOUR DOG if you like (they need to be on a leash, rules of Rosengarten)

Energy Exchange: Donation Based
You decide how much you can & want to give.

Sound baths are meant to help facilitate a shift in your brainwave state. Through frequency and entrainment with sound it’s possible, and very easy, to down-shift our normal beta state (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), with the majority of people able to reach theta (meditative state) and even delta (where internal healing can occur). This experience is helpful for anyone who wants to give themselves a moment of relaxation or gain the benefits from meditation, but has not yet learned how to access on their own.
For beginners, meditation requires a verbally guided experience, i.e- go to a quiet place and find a stream or repeat a mantra… The sound bath experience is about letting the sound take you to a deeper place making it easier to arrive in a relaxed state without complicating how to get there. Sound is the vessel and it allows you to explore and identify what a meditative state is and how it feels. Because of this, a sound bath is not only beneficial for beginners of meditation, a seasoned meditator will find as many benefits. Read more here.

I believe that everybody can do yoga and I honor you exactly how you are. Yoga is your practice and I am only there to guide you with all my heart and attention through a flow in the best way possible. But in the end it is your practice.
My biggest aim is to offer you a safe place where you can feel comfortable in your own body and explore spaces inside your body where you have never been before. The spaces in which you find your own dance.

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