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A Journey to your Soul // Jivamukti Yoga & Sound Bath

A gentle, opening Yoga asana practice will lead us to a journey of sound and light frequencies induced by the alchemy crystal tones singing bowls to get access to our emotional body and our soul.
We will focus on experiencing our body, we will reach our most subtle levels and we will open our heart center by accessing our divine essence.
The sound of the crystal singing bowls will take us deep into our subconscious and will help us to sink into a dreamlike state.
Get in touch with your inner light.

During this 2-hour class we will first open up our physical body with a Jivamukti asana practice lead by Felicia Walker and will then access our etheric body by enjoying a unique sound bath with Irina Sterna.

The subtle frequencies of the singing bowls resonate perfectly with your very own frequency and will bring you back into your natural balance.
All is energy, all is vibration, from your physical body to the smallest quantum.

Regular Drop-In 18EUR
Free with JYB Unlimited or 1 unit of JYB Class Pack/ Fanta4 contract/ 1 USC Login
5EUR donation suggested for the sound bath

Sign up:
In both our studios (Berlin Mitte & Kreuzberg) at the Check-In counter, also possible to reserve in advance.